Reasons you NEED to Switch Math Curriculum

Have you ever gone through your homeschool day fighting tooth and nail to get your child to do their math? Do you actually enjoy math, but butt heads with your child when you try to teach it to them? It could be time to switch math curriculum. Math is one of those subjects that you build on year after year. You need to know that you are choosing the right curriculum, but also accept when you may need to change things up.

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Teaching Textbooks has been a game-changer for my family. I have always loved math, did advanced math in high school and college, and thought for sure it would be easy for me to teach to my kids. Unfortunately, that was not the case. But, once we found Teaching Textbooks things started to go much more smoothly for my kids, and for me.

Switch Math Curriculum – Ease of Teaching

Does math scare you? It never actually scared me. I thought for sure I would be a great math teacher for my kids because I love math. Numbers are my friends, and I like to do math. So, I never considered that I might struggle to teach math. Or maybe you aren’t great at math, and that scares you a little bit! That is totally OK.

The first reason you may want to switch math curriculum is because you are not great at teaching math. As homeschoolers, we are our kids’ teachers. While this is amazing in and of itself, it can also be extremely stressful. If you are using a math curriculum that is parent intensive, it may take a ton of time to figure out how to even teach that course to your student. This is a clue that you need to switch math curriculum.

Teaching Textbooks teaches math for you. It can be a completely hands-off approach to teaching math. The program itself will do the lesson, have the problems for your student to work on, and grade everything for you. The only thing you need to do is go in and make sure the student is completing the work, and that they are performing as well as you want them to in the course.

Online & Offline Work

One of my absolute favorite features about Teaching Textbooks is the ability to use the program both on and offline. As homeschoolers, we are often on the go, but we don’t always want to leave math at home. We don’t have to with Teaching Textbooks. I love that the app automatically downloads the next 6 lessons to your device when you have internet, making it possible to take your math with you on the go.

We spent years doing car-schooling, and this was a game changer for us!

The other part of this hybrid approach to an online math program is the ability for us to print out the lessons and have the entire lesson and problems on paper. Sometimes kids just need to be able to work through the math on paper, and we have that option. This is an approach that my oldest has always used. She will do her problems right on paper, and then enter them into the app for grading. It is the best of both worlds!

High School Math

Maybe you feel really confident about the earlier math levels, but what are you going to do about high school and the higher level maths? I think that is a big concern for homeschool parents, even the ones who were good at math. We need to make sure our kids are learning. And you may need to switch math curriculum when you get to those higher level maths.

For us, we tried several different math programs once Emma got to Algebra 1. We struggled to find something that would engage her, but also teach her. The extra practice problems in both the Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 levels, as well as the built in SAT practice were huge helps for us in deciding to stick with Teaching Textbooks.

When you have a curriculum that you can be confident in, it helps to manage the stress homeschooling high school can bring to parents. Teaching Textbooks is that strong math program that will alleviate the worry.

Switch Math Curriculum for the Grading

Are you currently correcting all of your student’s math work? It can be a huge pain to go through that entire process. Thankfully, Teaching Textbooks does all of the grading for you. You do not need to add one more thing to your never-ending to-do list.

But, Teaching Textbooks goes one step further. It will let the student know immediately if they have gotten the answer wrong. If they have, there is an option for a second chance to enter. This is an option you, as the parent, have the ability to turn off and on in the parent portal. There are also hints available for the different problems.

If your student still cannot get the answer correct, there is a full video walkthrough solution to every single problem in every single level. That in and of itself is a huge help and reason to switch math curriculum.


The last reason I am sharing on why you need to switch math curriculum is the tutoring that Teaching Textbooks offers. If your student is struggling with a particular problem in a lesson, you can get free tutoring. You would call their customer service line, let them know the problem you are struggling with and a tutor will call you back and walk through that problem with your student for free.

This is such a unique feature that Teaching Textbooks offers, and is one of my favorites to share with others. Your student does not have to struggle with math. You can utilize the resources that are offered with your digital course and get the help your student needs.

The Bottom Line

Teaching math can be scary, teaching higher level math can be even scarier. But, Teaching Textbooks alleviates the stress and anxiety around math for homeschool families. They offer the first 15 lessons of every level as a free trial which will roll over into your 12-month access to the course. That means your student will not lose all the progress they made during the trial.

If you aren’t sure which level you should start your student at (because the level numbers do NOT correspond to grade levels) you can find placement tests here.

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