what i am eating #12

I love cooking and eating, and I especially love looking at pictures of food!  If you love food as much as I do, please add your food pictures/recipes/food related posts to the linky below.  All you have to do is link back to this blog post.  I look forward to seeing what everyone else is eating this week!

We have been eating a lot of roasted veggies this week.  It is something that I love about winter, all the root vegetables available to us.  Living in Maine, I wasn’t sure what a seasonal would look like with such a long winter.  Over the past five years I have learned a lot about what I should be eating, what is actually fresh in the winter, and what is not *ahem strawberries.*
I roast all root veggies the same it seems, a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes at 425 degrees.  But, recently, I started using some of the dill that we have gotten from our CSA on roasted potatoes.  These little purple potatoes with dill have been a hit with my littles.  They are really pretty, and taste delicious!  
Alright everyone!  Link up what you are eating below!
What is in season where you are?

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