Garden Happenings!

It was 75 degrees yesterday.  In March.  Craziness!  That isn't to say we won't have a foot of snow in 2 weeks.  We do have this one little piece of snow still left in a corner next to our house that doesn't get much sun.  But, seeing as how I am so anxious to get outside, I went for it, and it was awesome!  We did our first grilling of the year, I think a record for us, and started to clean up the yard.  Most people clean up their yards in the fall, we sort of do that I guess.  I definitely close up my vegetable garden, but the flower gardens, well, I leave them alone.  They keep coming back every year, so I figure I am doing something right - mainly leaving them alone :-)

Irises coming up
I have scaled back the amount of seeds I plan to plant this year.  In fact, I didn't place an order at all.  We had considered moving - again.  It is an annual end of winter consideration I believe :-)  We have land in the next town over that we want to build order to build on the land we need to sell the house.  Last year we put our house on the market for a whopping 3 days, and then had second thoughts.  Jack was still quite small - 7 months - and I didn't think I would really be able to get the house ready for showings.  We  live in our house.  Last year was entirely stressful, having a baby and a toddler.  And this year, well this year I feel like I am just starting to find my groove (partly in thanks to getting my energy out writing this blog).  While we haven't completely ruled out moving out of this house, I don't think that selling it will be the reason.

So there will be no onions grown this year, and I haven't started one single seed indoors.  I still hope to try my hand at starting tomatoes since we don't plant them until after Memorial Day, but everything is scaled back.  I'm still going to crowd the crap out of my little garden, and probably not weed the second half of the summer, but I am excited nonetheless.

I didn't get nearly the amount done that I had planned.  I wanted to plant peas and spinach today, even with the possibility of more snow, it just seemed like the time.  Instead, I started raking out my garden beds.  I think I am going to make four 4x12 raised beds.  I am also planning on putting up a fence and hopefully growing berries along the fence.  I still have hopes for chickens, just need a place to put them (hint hint Matt).

My much pared down list of seeds is:

Chinese Cabbage
Coral Shell Peas (love these!)
Bordeaux Spinach
Multicolor Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Raven Zucchini
Black Coco Dry Beans
Indy Gold Bush Wax Beans
Provider Bush Green Beans
Yellow Crookneck Squash
Boothby's Blonde Cucumber
Calypso Pickling Cucumber
Sugar Pie Pumpkin
Carnival Squash
Allsweet Watermelon
Spaghetti Squash

Seeds I am attempting to start indoors:

Hale's Best Jumbo Melon
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Pink Brandywine Tomatoes
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes


Sweet Basil
Italian Large Leaf Basil

OK, so that still seems like quite the large list :-)  I still have high hopes apparently.  And that is the best way to garden I believe!

All was well in the world.  Well, that is, until Emma stepped on this fun spiny thing.  After much screaming, a cherry popsicle, and some tweezers, she was fine.  Her Daddy dug up the offending plant and threw it over the edge of the bank on the side of our road.

And then I had the lovely fortune of being attacked by the same type of plant while I was taking of picture of it on the shovel Matt was carrying.  Yup, it jumped right up and bit me on the side of the foot, awesome.  Any idea what this is?  Is it a thistle?  I have no clue, but we have gotten rid of the 2 that we found in our yard today :-)  Clearly, bare feet need not run through our yard quite yet!

I am linking up with the Barn Hop again today!  Welcome if you are new!  Would love for you to follow me!


  1. You are off to a great start! I love that this wonderful weather is giving us a jump! Let's just hope no snow for April! Oh - and I need ideas for Spring planting!

    1. peas, spinach, bok choy, kale, garlic :-)

  2. Good luck with the garden. I am just doing container right now. One day it may be bigger, but not right now.

    1. That is exactly how I started! And truthfully, I still depend on my containers. My mom always had a huge garden while I was growing up, but I didn't get as much instruction on planting as I could use now...mainly just the weeding...which I seem to ignore.

  3. We started planting yesterday - I have never started from seeds before so we will see how this goes..

    As far as that spiky plant - all I can say is OUCH!!

    1. Planting from seeds is definitely fun. My daughter loves to plant seeds, and last year I think she planted an entire package of peas in her little 2x2 foot garden. They still came up, and she was so happy to water it every day. I figure I always have the Farmers' market to fall back on if my seeds don't take. And seeds are the cheapest way to plant a garden :-)

    2. We always called those spiky plants "sticker bushes" when we were kids. Not very technical, but there you go. :)


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